Джонни Флинн сыграет молодого Дэвида Боуи в байопике «Стардаст»

Начало съемок запланировано на июнь 2022 года

Stardust – Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films

Opening in theaters and VOD 25th

Director: Gabriel Range
Starring: Johnny Flynn, Jena Malone, Marc Maron

David Bowie is one of the most seminal legends in music history; but who was the man behind the many faces? In 1971, a 24-year-old fledgling David Bowie (Johnny Flynn) is sent to America to promote his newest record, The Man Who Sold the World. Leaving behind his pregnant wife Angie (Jena Malone), Bowie and his band embark on a makeshift coast-to-coast promotional tour with struggling Mercury Records publicist Rob Oberman (Marc Maron).

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David Bowie — The Jean Genie & Round & Round [w/ Jeff Beck 3 July 1973] NEW AUDIO

Here is something quite special — removed from the 1983 Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars film at Jeff Beck’s request, this video has circulated on bootlegs from the so-called ‘Italian Print’ of the film (presumably an early print from the late 70’s). Unfortunately, the audio quality was very poor.

However, thanks to a very new bootleg, we now have the raw mono soundboard from the night, thanks to Robin Mayhew (available here — http://www.robinmayhew.co.uk/pages/rmshop.htm). I have sync’d the 2 audio tracks together as the guitars are mixed rather low in the new source, and in doing so I have made this ‘stereo’ though it’s by no means on par with an official release. However, it allows us to enjoy the performance with much clearer audio.


֍֍֍ Дэвид Боуи (DAVID BOWIE) Стратегия Планирования (перевод) январь 1983

Дэвид Боуи — «Музыкальный Хамелеон», истинный Мастер перевоплощения, тонко чувствующий музыкант, артист, актер и исполнитель. В далеком 1983, за несколько месяцев до выхода своего нового альбома «Let’s Dance» он дал весьма интересное интервью для молодого на тот момент телеканала MTV.

David Bowie — Starman